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    B.M.P(Believe Mold & Plastic technology)는 플라스틱 금형 전문설계 제작업체로서 오랜 경험으로 축척된 최선의 기술로 고객님의 입장에서 고객님이 원하는 품질을 실현하여 고객님의 발전에 기여하는 회사가 되기위하여 성심껏 최선을 다할것 입니다.

    저희 회사의 주요 기술력은 식품, 제약, 화장품 등 생활용품 포장제 금형으로서 인젝션 블로우 금형, 블로우 금형, 사출금형에 대한 기술력을 보유하고 있으며 언제든지 고객님과 함께 성장해 나갈 수 있는 회사가 될것 입니다.


  • Welcome to BMP website and thank you for your interest at BMP.
    Since its foundation in May 2006, BMP has made every effort to support to our customers.
    BMP has manufactured Injection Blow Mold(IBM), Extrusion Blow Mold(EBM), and Injection Mold used for Containers(Bottle and jar) & Closures(Cap and lid) of pharmacy, cosmetic, Food & Beverage, personal cares and house wears, providing highly elaborated and durable products to our customers through our more than 30 years experienced manpowers in designing and producing.
    AS BMP is one of the leading company in IBM industry in Korea, we will do our best to fulfill customer’s needs and achieve customer’s trust by developing of specialized products and providing high-quality service, high-technology and competitive price

    K.J. KWON